The Cathedral: This is the most important monument in Jaca together with the Diocese Museum which is inside. The Cathedral is considered to be the first Romanesque Cathedral in Spain.

The Ciudadela: This is a XVI century castle, built by Felipe II. It is pentagonal and it is surrounded by a moat. It was declared a historic monument in 1951 and restored in 1968. Inside there is a museum of military miniature models, and also various different exhibitions during the year.

Historic Jaca: The town hall is a beautiful example of Aragonese Plateresque architecture. Also there is the clock tower, built in the Gothic style, and the San Miguel bridge, built in roman style. This rich heritage and its strategic situation have made Jaca an important part of the pilgrim route to Santiago.

The Monastery of San Juan de la Peña: Only 20 minutes from Jaca, this is a magnificent Romanesque Monument built into the rock face of a mountain. It is the pantheon of the first Kings of Aragón and also offers spectacular views.

Today Jaca is a modern town with a wide range of services and shops that have made it into one of the most important tourist destinations in Aragon. Nearby are the famed Pyrenees ski resorts: Astún, Candanchu and Formigal. You can also enjoy an evening skating in the modern Jaca ice rink. Jaca is a destination where there are always things to do: in winter you can go skiing; in summer Jaca is a fantastic base for trekking, cycling, horse riding, rafting, canyoning and much more. There also guided tours around Jaca where you can learn all about the local history and principal monuments.

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